Business Law

Your business can change in a moment because of a legal issue if not addressed properly. Many times this requires a business attorney who has the experience necessary to plan properly. We have been working with businesses large and small across Massachusetts for decades. Ferriter Law’s Business Group can assist with a winning strategy and ongoing execution of your legal needs. Ferriter Law has been providing business clients superior representation in Holyoke, Springfield, Northampton, Chicopee and across Massachusetts. We are the lawyers businesses go to when they have small or complex business needs. Since we specialize in business law, other lawyers refer clients to us when the legal issues are complex. Ferriter Law has the decades of experience that makes a real difference for you.

Ferriter Law has distinguished themselves in Holyoke, Springfield, Northampton, Chicopee and across Massachusetts  as influential business attorneys. Our practice is focused on business law and includes everything from small business law to non-profit corporate law. We represent entrepreneurs, start-ups, emerging companies, cannabis companies, established companies, business owners and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of industries including e-commerce, internet ventures, education, retail, advertising, media, professional services, many times as the entity’s full-service outside general counsel when the business does not either have the need or budget for a full-time general counsel on its staff.

Ferriter Law Firm provides business legal services to Holyoke, Springfield, Northampton, Chicopee and across Massachusetts  in the following business law specialties:

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