Municipal Law

Ferriter Law is a full-service municipal law firm dedicated to providing its client communities with the highest quality legal services and personalized attention in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are aware of the wide range of issues facing municipalities and are sensitive to the unique cost constraints of municipal governments.

As seasoned advocates and skilled negotiators, we provide cities and towns across the Commonwealth with a level of in-depth knowledge and expertise that only a municipal specialist attuned to statewide trends can provide. Our goal of providing a full range of legal services, while building economies of scale into our practice, enables both small and large communities to approach legal issues in a proactive, comprehensive, and cost-effective manner. Our professional staff of highly experienced attorneys is able to provide a full range of services including:

Americans With Disabilities Act, Compliance, Discrimination Claims, Appellate Tax Board, Board of Health, Site Assignments, Title 5, Cable Television License Renewal and Negotiations, Chapter Lands 61, 61A, 61B, Chapter 91 Permitting, Charter Commissions and Civil Rights
Community Preservation Act, Comprehensive Permits c.40B, Affordable Housing, Conflict of Interest, Conservation Restrictions, Economic Development, Tax Incentives, Elections and Campaign Finance, Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings, Environmental Law.

Forms of Government and Reorganizing Departments

Hazardous Waste Law, Brownfields, Historic District Commissions, Industrial Development and Redevelopment, Insurance Defense and Coverage, Internal Investigations, Labor and Employment Law, Sexual Harassment Training, Health Insurance, Licensing, Litigation and Enforcement, Local Legislation, Bylaws, Charters, Regulations and Special Legislation, MEPA, Facility Siting, Municipal Finance, Proposition 2 1/2.

Public Procurement, Contracting, Public and Charitable Trusts, Public Construction, Designer Selection.

Public Utility Law, Public and Private Ways, Real Estate Transactions, Regional Agreements.

Subdivision Control, Tax Collection, Tax Title, Telecommunications, Water, Sewer, Compliance, Permitting, Financing, Betterment Assessments, Wetlands, Zoning, Affordable Housing c. 40B, Smart Growth Zoning c. 40R, Expedited Permitting c.43D.

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