Real Estate Law

Buying, selling, or refinancing commercial and residential real estate is a significant endeavor. The last thing you need is a lawyer who just shows up at your closing and tells you where to sign.

Prior to your signing anything, we ensure that your transaction receives the high level of attention and due diligence as our most complex commercial transactions.

As commercial real estate lawyers for over 50 years, we have conducted some of the largest and most complex real estate closings in Massachusetts. We’ve dealt with commercial business property, indoor cultivation, retail centers, casinos condominiums, single-family and multi-family homes, townhouses, vacation homes and development acreage. Our experience is unparalleled. And we pair it with even more powerful tools: persistence and patience.

At Ferriter Law, we take the time to explain your transaction—with clarity and intelligence. If you don’t get it, we’ll use a different approach, and we will do so until you tell us you understand.

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